The Greys are small, sexless beings with visible skeletal structure and little muscular definition. They have undersized limbs with rotationally flexible joints, proportionally large heads and are hairless. Their eyes are very large and don't have discernible pupils.

The GreysEdit

Very little is known about the Greys before their first contact with humans. They are believed to have first arrived on Earth in the late 1800s, but this is disputed. Many believe that they have been watching humanity for much longer, steering them and their technology forwards.

The Greys make up a strong percentage of abduction claims across the world. Those percentages are as follows:

  • Australia - 50%
  • USA - 43%
  • Canada - 90%
  • Brazil - 67%
  • Europe - 20%
  • UK - 12%

Reports from surviving abductees indicates that the Greys initially began taking humans for physical and reproductive testing. Some of these early reports indicated that there appeared to be two kinds of Grey, distinguishable by their height. The taller Greys appeared to have authority over the shorter.

Reports of abduction by the Greys dwindled in the early 2050s. By then, theories that the Greys had engineered humanity from the beginning were rife, as was the idea that they were behind a great deal of the galaxy's panspermia.

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