The year is 2283 AD. 

The History of EarthEdit

2059 - There is a permanent human presence on Mars. More sophisticated, long-term bases are in the planning stages. Habitat modules are partially underground to protect them from UV rays. Radiation-absorbant materials are used in spacesuits using advanced nanotechnology; the same materials are used to block out dust particles.

2051 - Interstellar radio message reaches Gliese 777 in the Cygnus System.

2055 - Asteroid mining is now a legitimate industry. USA regains some global power via spy satellites, intelligence bases are now in orbit. USA develops orbital kinetic bombardment platforms. Aerogel nets guided by satellites clear space debris.

2056 - Earth's temperature rises by 3 degrees celsius. The debate over the development of 'synthetic people' has begun. Most nations refuse it but China continues its development in secret.

2070 - Earth's temperature has now risen by 4 degrees celsius. The Ozone layer is fully recovered.

2080 - Some humans are more synthetic than biological.

2084 - Androids enter law enforcement. Mexico retakes California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. Global currency comes into use.

2085-89 - Manned exploration of Jupiter.

2090 - Religion fades from European culture.

2150 - Interstellar travel becomes possible. Androids are now indistinguishable from humans. Development of asteroid terrorism, primarily in anarcho-primitivist movements.

2250 - Solar radiation shield enables climate and weather control. The terraforming of Mars is at a critical stage - lichen and bacteria appear on the planet's surface. Settlements have begun in Alpha Centauri, Barnard's Star and Wolf 359. Settlements are inhabited by thousands of machines.

2260 - Mars declares independence from Earth.

2500 - Mars completely terraformed.

2700 - Venus is terraformed.

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